Solar Charm Ability Concentration Excellency

New Solar Charm

  • Concentration Excellency*
Ability Min 2
Essence Min 2
Cost 1m/die for Essence 5 and under or 2m/die for Essence 6+ Upgrade
Type Simple
Duration Instant

Focusing her raw force of knowledge of the Ability in which she possesses this Excellency, the Exalt may super-saturate her confidence of execution in her actions. The player may spend up to [Essence] motes in executing this Charm. Doing so takes a number of dice equal to the number of motes spent from the raw, unmodified [Attribute + Ability] dice pool and converts them into Concentration dice (d20’s or greater – I have a d30, another option is percentile dice) for the purpose of this Charm. The remainder of the dice pool is modified and rolled normally. Any successes gained from the Concentration dice are then added to the successes attained from the original roll.

Successes from Concentration dice are determined in the following manner. After rolling the Concentration dice pool, ADD the rolled results from each die to obtain your Concentration Total. Compare the Concentration Total to the table below to determine how many successes were gained.

At Essence 6+, this Charm may be purchased a second time. This upgrade allows the character to ADD Concentration dice to the roll in addition to the normal roll rather than converting dice from the original dice pool. This charm follows the normal rules for determining how many dice may be added to an action roll by use of Charms. Figure each increment of 7 adds 2 successes, then for each multiple of 10 marks a specific number within a specific range, so hitting a Concentration total equaling a multiple of 10 will dive you one extra success than the range in which it falls. For the Less than 7 range, there are two options, the first is for the Essence 5 or less version. The second is for the Essence 6+ version.

Concentration Range Successes Gained
Less than 7 0 or 1*
7 to 13 2
Exactly 10 3
14 to 20 4
Exactly 20 5
21 to 27 6
28 to 34 8
Exactly 30 9
35 to 41 10
Exactly 40 11
42 to 48 12
49 to 55 14
Exactly 50 15
56 to 62 16
Exactly 60 17
63 to 69 18
70 to 76 20
Exactly 70 21
77 to 83 22
Exactly 80 23
84 to 90 24
Exactly 90 25
91 to 97 26
98 or 99 28
Exactly 100 30**
  • Had to round it all out somehow…

Solar Charm Ability Concentration Excellency

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