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Character Builder Programs

EdExalted – - You will need to create a profile on his site to download the latest software. Then he also asks that you email him a request for a software key. Hey typically gets this out to you within a day or so. I prefer to use this one because I feel that is the easier of the two programs to use, plus it offers several customizability options that I may use from the get go. His forum seeems to indicate that he may be integrating Exalted 2.5 rules into his next release.

UPDATE: The creator has lost interest in actively supporting EdExalted as he has not been actively playing for some time. As it is, EdExalted still contains a very useful set of tools that can allow you to create and store character sheets and then some. There is even room for customization within the GUI. However, there has never been a 2.5 update released and also, in a forum post, the developer didn’t even know about the release of Shards of the Exalted Dream.

Anathema – - If you prefer this other character builder, I leave it here as an option. From my experience, this one is more difficult to customize if you are not a programmer. However, they seem to be more on top of recent errata updates. As of this post, they have successfully integrated the Exalted 2.5 rule updates from the most recent errata as posted here. They also still have a pre-2.5 version still available as well as a 1st edition version.

UPDATE: This has become my Exalted tool of choice. Although, customization at this point still requires a bit of knowledge in programming. Custom Charms and Spells are rather simple to input. The dev team recently released notes on how to add Custom character templates as well. The dev team is really quite responsive on their github forum. If you find a bug and report it, they are quick to try to fix it so that it can be included on the next regular release. Updates are released rather regularly as well. There’s talk about working on Shards templates. There’s also anticipation about EX3.


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